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My Easy Tron Bot METB's financial experts and analysts with more than 17 years of experience invest a percentage in a portfolio of high investments and profits, such as Cryptocurrency Trading, Forex Trading, Cryptocurrency Holding and Arbitrage. The other percentage stays in the Bot's pool so that investors always have money available for their withdrawals.

Which means that we don't pay one person with someone else's money. Your money is earning interest safely. Which allows us to have a business with a vision towards a very bright future.


- Earn up to 1.5% from Monday to Friday until reaching 200%

- Win up to 6 levels deep


- Minimum investment 10 USD

- Minimum withdrawal 15 USD

- Minimum reinvestment 5 USD

- Maximum investment 300,000 USD


We do not charge for withdrawals. The company will not charge the withdrawal fee, it will be automatically reinvested in its capital, which is 20%

It is the one that is added to the initial capital and on which new interests are generated. Money, in this case, has a multiplier effect because interest produces new interest.

Your Investment dollars at days.

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